Its Harpers Season 

After a holiday break and losing Craig to marriage, we're back with a kickass season of gigs all over Long Island!  

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Harpers Ferry & The Wolfetones 

As you probably know we've been heavily influenced by a number of genres and artists.   Just as you Long Islanders worship Billy Joel, BOC and Blondie...the  Republic of Ireland adores the group that for over 50 years has brought them patriot folk music that has told the story of their fight for freedom.  We have the honor of performing with The Wolfetones on Sunday June 30th at SHANAHANS in Kings Park!!!  Holy fahk are we pumped!!!


To new beginnings 

We're 2 days away from the first official gig at Eleanor Rigbys.  Some how we've already managed to perform 2 gigs including a killer session at The Black Sheep in Mineola 2 days after Hurricane Sandy.  It blows the mind that we also played a wedding at The Swan Club in Roslyn - but the cocktail hour band had been victims of Sandy and we had to do the right thing and SAVE THE DAY!  That we did indeed.  All things looking great for this project and we're excited for the show!

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~ Harpers Ferry

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